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Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China in 1988. Studied and worked in Japan and UK, travelled worldwide. Currently based in Tokyo.

​Departing from her life experience of having lived through several different cultural backgrounds and ideologies, Lily Night takes art practice as a method to transcend and overlap categories, genres and boarders. Beyond the societal identities pre-defined and pre-determined, Lily Night constantly reaches out for new definitions, vaster conception of circulation and the universe. 

So far, she has presented her insights and creativity through a range of media including painting, drawing, collage, photography, video, writing and installation. Using a crossover of analog and digital media including straight-up photography, industrial-grade organic solvents, digitalized and edited drawings and paintings, she created situations reflecting her concern into the relationship between subject and the space, as well as media and the materiality.   

Both strong will and intuitive concern emanate from her use of space, composition and the heavily political motifs and sensational colors she chooses to overtly imply a power structure that is both visible and invisible. Taking a fusion of abstract and representational images as her signature style, her works present crisscrossed image-making, time transcended and spaces traversed on the thematic fronts of digital technology vs. life, power vs. the masses, and oneself vs. others. She is constantly more concerned what is outside the frame instead of what is being presented inside the frame.